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Joining the Clan

Welcome to the clan! If you want to join, send us a join request. When you join, send a comment with the following information about you cat:

:bulletgreen:Position:medicine cat,warrior,queen,apprentice,or kit:bulletgreen:
Choose your clan in one of the following and comment the info on the blog. It your clan is not accepting roleplaus at the moment you may choose a different clan or put your cat on hold until that clan opens for roleplays. We may have some roleplays open for you to be, but do not change anything, but if you do you may not be that roleplay anymore.If you are an apprentice, please tell us who your mentor is. If you are a queen please tell us your kits(note: use one that are already used).
Thanks and happy hunting. :3

:bulletred: Moonclan:A clan that live by the moon and very respectful of all clans and will fight to the endwarriorcatscommuity.deviantart… - Accepting roleplays :bulletred:

:bulletblack:Deathclan: A clan that lives on the plains and where not much prey is around except for lots of rats -warriorcatscommuity.deviantart… : Accepting roleplays :bulletblack:

:bulletblue:Oceanclan: lives on the beach near the ocean right off the Forest-warriorcatscommuity.deviantart… : Accepting roleplays :bulletblue:

:bulletyellow:Ghostclan: Live near a graveyard and is surrounded by thick forest terrian. Cats of Ghostclan are fast and good at camouflage: warriorcatscommuity.deviantart… - Accepting roleplays :bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen:Kittypets, Loners, and Rouges: warriorcatscommuity.deviantart… :bulletgreen:

Here is the new chatroom :icondragon3x3: has made:

Hoperock: (for rp only)…


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Group Info

We are warrior fans jus like you wanting to share our ideas and art with a world who thinks every warrior cat is a hero. Join our group if you love the warrior series and is willing to share you art of hte warrior cats in our group.
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 2, 2011


Group Focus
Art Creation

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Digital Media

98 Members
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Ghostclan is very low on clan members so if some people would make some characters or added some new clan members that will be great. Thanks
:target: Hey guys cheetah here Twinkle has left hte group so I guess I'll take over the contest. We need more co-founders and conibuters who WILL be active. I will have request open, but you have to fill out  a questionaire that I will make soon. I will note you after you do a request. Just comment on this jounal if you would liek to become a co-founder or conitubter!!!

:target:Also the contest we need some people to do some prizes I don't know what Twinkle has step up for the prizes? So please help me I haven't been active with this group. So please comment on this jounal if you would like to donate some prizes.

:bulletgreen: Thanks to all who have been entering new roleplays lately thanks you. I will have them entered soon, but since I'm limited on the computer I only have so much time. But anyways moving on I will have some assignments for you guys to do her is some options:

:bulletgreen: Draw or write of how your warrior caught a mouse, but turned out to be something that wasn't prey!!
:bulletgreen: Write a story about you warrior on a walk with 'their secret crush'
:bulletgreen: Write or draw your warrior dreaming about something that normal cats wouldn't think of

So please do these assignments would help me a lot thank you:)
Edit 2: I will also see which character was drawn most, just for fun! c:
Edit: The deadline is August 20, 2011.

Hello, everybody! Twi here, with some exciting news; we're holding a contest! So basically, it's a Warrior cat themed contest, where you draw your favorite character. It's a really simple concept, I know, but I still want to see some awesome entries!
Now, if you want to enter, you must read and follow the rules.
But; before we get any further into things, I would like to ask if anyone would like help out with prizes. It can be a picture for the winner, some points for the winner, and anything you can come up with (that I agree with). Now, I need quite a few prizes, since we'll be offering awards for first to third place. I won't need any help judging, sorry! I'll do that myself.
Now, onto the other things.

:bulletred: Rules :bulletred:

:bulletblack: You must be a member of the group.
:bulletblack: You must send me a note once you enter.
:bulletblack: You must make it obvious which character you are showcasing!
:bulletblack: You must say in the deviation's description that you are entering, and must leave a link to the group.
:bulletblack: You don't have to submit it to the group, though it would be helpful.
:bulletblack: You must say how long it took you (please be accurate), what program you used, and who exactly the character you are showcasing is, all in the deviation's description.
:bulletblack: Ask any questions you have on this journal, or note me.
:bulletblack: If you enter the contest, and win one of your own prizes, INC-Orange (I) will give you a llama and a free request. NOTE: You still get the other prizes listed on the Prizes list (below), just not your own. (:

:bulletblue: Prizes (so far) :bulletblue:

:bulletgreen: First Place :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: Two cat pictures from INC-Orange:
:bulletblack: A llama from INC-Orange
:bulletblack: An animated .gif from shshgr (best at wolves)
:bulletblack: A llama from shshgr

:bulletgreen: Second Place :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: Two free requests from cheetahpawanimeX
:bulletblack: A llama from INC-Orange
:bulletblack: A llama from shshgr

:bulletgreen: Third Place :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: A llama from cheetahpawanimeX
:bulletblack: A llama from INC-Orange
:bulletblack: A llama from shshgr

Feel free to help out by offering prizes!

:bulletyellow: Judging :bulletyellow:
I will be judging by myself for this contest, if I need any help, I will go to cheetahpawanimeX. I will judge this based on creativity, and style. The most creative and stylish entries will rank highest, so try to be creative...and stylish.  Unique character designs are awesome! Don't be afraid to be crazy with style! And backgrounds are a pretty big wow factor, so try to make them look good!

Again, if you have any questions, comment on this journal, or note me!

More Journal Entries


These are out leading cats. Our leader is Cheetahstar,also known as CheetahPaw(cheetahpawanimeX)Our Knowledge Holder(mixture of deputy and is Silverheart, also known as SilverWind(dragon3x3)Out medicine cat is Water-running(jwolf999)




:iconwarriorcatsfanclub: WarriorCatsFanClub Happy Hunting, Warrior Fans! :iconwarriorscomic: WarriorsComic Be Creative! ^_^ :iconwarrior-cats-legacy: Warrior-Cats-Legacy


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BoogsDaKittyKat Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark gray and has a neon front paw and the tip of her tail is neon green She also has light gray bangs.
Bio:Fierce and strong
Mate: None
SwiftBreeze201899 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Student Artist
Name: Ravenflight
Gender: she-cat
Apperance: black she-cat with soft fluffy black fur that sticks up at all angles. She has a white muzzle and toes.
Position: warrior
Bio: Quiet and shy (?)
Apprentice: nope
Kits: not yet
Mate: nope

GhostClan if possible
ShinyForests Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
thx for lettong me join
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AngelheartTheWarrior Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I will be a contributor.
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FrozenFlights Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Name: Scartalon

Gender: She-cat

Apperance: [link]

Position: Warrior

Bio: Brave, caring, and thoughtful. She is very loving toward everyone in her clan...but show NO MERCY in battle...
When she was a kit...there was a battle happening at the time and her parents took her to the twoleg homes for safety...a starclan warrior led her back to the forest and left her with many questions like who she really is, who was her mother and father, and who is still alive that recognizes her?...she stayed with Ghostclan for answers...

Apprentice: Skypaw

Kits: Snowstreak (medicine cat)

Mate: Emberstorm

Clan: Ghostclan
shadowhart2 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry i was really busy
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i dont want to be on this group srry
Rosiethewolf Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi um im really confused on how to get into a clan!!! Could u help me!! :3
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
Rosiethewolf Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok what now?
Wolf-mask Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
Hay,I`m gonna leave the group,I`v got to many as it is
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